new blog (sharing our recipes is fun!)

I want to share with you my new blog bci-imaging, with all those that already read Bonheur Cuisine and with the incoming new friends.
The idea of the blog is to present a theme per post and that the readers may share a link to their favorite recipe on the theme, from their own blog or any other source (clicking the BLUE BUTTON ). Let's share recipes and know each other better!  

Quiero compartir con ustedes mi nuevo blog bci-imaging, con todos los que ya leen Bonheur Cuisine y con los nuevos amigos que iremos haciendo.
La idea del blog es presentar un tema por post y que los lectores añadan el link a su receta favorita con el tema del post, ya sea de su propio blog o de otra fuente (haciendo click en el BOTON AZUL). A compartir recetas y conocernos mejor!

4 comentarios:

  1. Love the idea of sharing!

  2. Thanks Suzanne! Visit the blog, you shall see how easy it is. You just get the URL of the recipe you want to share, give yourself the credit and post! Easy as pie! :)

  3. Such a brilliant idea Viviana! The blog looks amazing and I look forward to trying it out and learning lots! : -)

  4. Thanks Jo! Sharing recipes is the fun part I like the most!


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